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Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

Today looking good is synonymous with fitness. We know the extra pounds have serious health consequences. Shedding those unwanted pounds has always been a challenge. Thousands of useless weight loss plans, remedies and potions are on the market. Slimming teas, weight-loss pills, weight loss drinks, and if none of that works there is good old-fashioned exercise. Now there’s a new kid on the block. Waist cinchers!

A waist cincher or Waspie is a garment worn around the midsection to cinch the

Waist Cincher Success
Ann Chery Clasica 3Hooks

waist. Cinchers noticeably reduce the waist size instantly. They started as a shorter underbust corset 4 to 8 inches long. Authentic Waspies have become increasingly popular. Rubber, latex and neoprene have becomWaist Cinchers for Weight Loss Workse the new material for the modern waist cincher, i.e. and elastic core.

Waist cinchers that are constructed of an elastic core have a soft cotton shell and inner lining. Elastic band wraps around your midsection reducing waist 1 to 3 sizes instantly using high compression. Material holds heat deep in your muscles and skin increasing thermal activity.

Increased thermal activity means ramped up perspiration. Increased perspiration carries toxins and impurities out of the body through skin. This action mobilizes fat cells allowing your muscles to burn fat for accelerated weight loss. Muscles tonify reducing your waist 1 to 4 inches in less than 30 days.  

Added benefits of waist cinchers are unsurpassed. Harnessing body heat stimulating water loss through ramped upper perspiration is a unique quality of

the garment. Each come in plus size simply by selecting your size on the drop down menu. No special laborious searches. Elastic band provides high compression around midsection, abdominal region and lumbar support.

Waist cinchers are a portable sauna keeping muscles warm. Warm muscles are much less prone to injury and strain. Your

aerobic condition is enhanced while supporting lower back and sides through compression.  You get the added benefit of fashion too! They’re  great to wear under cloths and workout apparel.

Waist cinchers themselves come in a fantastic array of colors. Fuchsia, pink, blue purple are some of the hot colors available from top brands. For discreet wear black     

and beige are available. Bands elasticAnn Chery Latex Vest properties help keep the garment in place. To further support the waist cincher, flexible boning prevents roll and migration. Double and triple hook-and-eye fasteners keeps your cincher snug sizing down with you maximizing the benefits.   

The top two name brands in the waist cincher market are Ann Chery and Squeem. When you talk latex waist cinchers, you’re talking Ann Chery. When you’re talking rubber waist cinchers, you’re talking Squeem. Both offer cinchers for men. There are differences among the two brands.  

Ann Chery offers waist cinchers in amazing colors fuchsia, pink, blue and purple and animal print. Their aggressive in the type of garments they offer. They have very sturdy black latex cinchers that provide 3 rows of hook-and-eye fastenings. Specially designed waist cinchers for workouts and active

Sleek Smooth Silhouette
Ann Chery Animal Print - Yellow

life styles are great for weight loss. Ann Chery has gone the extra mile to provide variety and style while maintaining their unique brand quality.

Ann Chery SportSqueem is an expert in their own right. For over 40 years they have ben providing quality waist cinchers for women. Squeem’s intelligent fabrics are a breakthrough technology. Compressive fabric is made from a unique mix of 100% soft cotton ande 100% natural rubber fused into a thin single layer. Garments come in discreet black and beige. Squeem is unsurpassed in fabric technology - perfect for your weight loss program.

Waist cinchers adapt to your body enhancing your unique curves. Enjoy a shapelier, sexier figure in seconds. You’ll notice the difference the moment you slip it on. You’ll have a sharper silhouette, firm tummy and perkier bosoms as you lose the unwanted pounds.

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