Waist Cincher

Waist Cincher Corset

When waist cinchers come up in conversation, the first thing that comes to mind is the corset. Victorian beauties are envisioned tight lacing with the aid of their maids. Foot firmly placed on the buttocks and two behind pulling laces tight until the corset is properly adjusted. Unfortunately corsets fell into decline when the United States entered into World War I. The U.S. War Industries Board discouraged the sale of corsets in favor of using the steel for ships.

Unfortunately war would not only remove the traditional corset from the market, it would also consume rubber and latex as well. Interest in the corset would wax and wane over the years. Not until 2010 would there be a full resurgence. The benefits of the corset have been rediscovered.

Most popular of the corset styles are the underbust, overbust, longline and waist cincher (waspie). The underbust

Playgirl Red Tafetta Waist Cincher

The best waist cinchers have the following qualities.

  • Bones or Stays – Steel boning that support the corset giving its pristine look on your body
  • Busk – Two flat steel bones to fasten the waist cincher securely
  • Grommets or Eyelets – Metal rings through which the laces are threaded through
  • Waist Tape – Ribbon of strong fabric at the waistline to reinforce the corset.
  • Modesty Panel or Lace Protector – Fabric underneath laces to protect against burn

corset covers only the midsection starting under the breast to hip. A waist cincher corset is just a shorter version of an underbust. They range in length from 4 inches to 9.5 inches and are the definitive fashion statement.

Not all waist cincher corsets are made equal. The less expensive corset styles are fantastic apparel for parties and the holidays. More costume than corset with plastic boning and lack of essential anatomy for waist training. This class of waist cincher is great to spice up an

Playgirl Black Velvet Waist Cincher
Playgirl Black & Red Dragon Brocade Waist Cincher

evening or outfit and fun with pirate costumes. Quality corset that shape and have physical benefits are built sturdy.

A good waist cincher corset will have all these qualities. For serious waist training, a corset Playgirl Black & White Pinstripe Waist Cinchershall have over 20 steel bones. Corsets have wonderful benefits. Wearing a waist cincher improves your posture over time. The garment is rigid offering lumbar support keeping the back straight. Prevents back injuries by maintaining correct form. It creates an awareness of body position while wearing the corset.

Waist cinchers also correct diastasis recti. It’s a separation of the abdominis muscle after pregnancy. The left and right sides split to allow room for the growing baby. Corset wear corrects the condition by supporting the midsection. There are some safety issues to consider when wearing corsets beyond a fashion statement.

Corsets are wonderful garments for your wardrobe. They’re a unique fashion statement accentuating your curves. Body sculpting takes waist cincher corsets to the next level. It’s a nonsurgical way to reduce the waistline for a sleek and sexy hourglass figure. Before you commit to body sculpting, consult your doctor to ensure there are no underlying health conditions.

Waist cincher corsets are wonderful way to express yourself - a cut above the rest in fashion and form.

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