Waist Cincher

Waist Cincher 101 – Compression

The resurgence of waist cinchers in 2010 is health inspired. People are very conscientious of their health and are willing to try new lifestyles and eating philosophies. Not only has the traditional corset come back, rubber and latex waist cinchers are back in force. They offer tremendous health benefits and a safe method to lose weight and detoxify your body.


The first benefit of rubber and latex garments is the compressive force they offer around the waist. High compression reduces your waistline up to 3 sizes instantly while flatting tummy and smoothing your silhouette for a perfect hourglass figure.

Circular inward forces provided by the elastic materials provide lower

back support and improves posture. Wearing a waist cincher reduces the risk of back injury by supporting muscles and spine. It requires you to maintain an upright position, reinforces posture and positions your weight on the spine correctly. Compression offers other outstanding benefits as well.

When using a waist cincher for medical conditions, you should always consult your doctor. One of the most notable benefits offered by rubber and latex garments is the ability to correct diastasis recti. This is a postpartum condition resulting in the separation of the abdominis muscle resulting from pregnancy. Your belly sticks out since the left and right muscles have widened. Your waist cincher pushes the two halve back together correcting the condition.

Rubber and Latex waist cinchers are

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compression garments. They laser target your midsection. That is the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvis. Waist cinchers are ideal for post-op. After surgery the garment will reduce the short-term swelling and improve your contour. It’s best to wear during the day. By holding your skin and muscle layers more firmly, post-operative pain is significantly reduced. Another advantage of waist cinchers is the hunger factor.

An elastic garment or waist cincher corset will compress the abdominal area. In turn, the organs are compressed to a degree. With rubber and latex garments, the effect is minimal. However, enough that the stomach is compressed reducing the feeling of hunger. As for waist cincher corsets, the effect can be intensified.Shaper Corset Black Satin Spiral Steel Boned Waist Training Corset Waspie Tight Lacing Waist Reduction 88051 (54 (If you have a natural 43)

Corsets can be worn to sculpt the body. Body sculpting is best known in the plastic and reconstructive surgery circles. Nonsurgical methods include using a waist cincher corset to reshape the waistline redefining your bust, waist and hip ratio (BWH). Since the organs move and the stomach is compressed, eating is limited to available space.

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